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His Story


Born in late August of 1992 to John and Cynthia Holland. Wes was a very imaginative and dramatic child. His love for sports lead him to be an active kid. Playing everything from soccer,to baseball, to football, to basketball. It didn't matter whether he was surrounded by a group of friends or on his own, he always found a way to entertain himself. Wes has two brothers, George Holland (older) and Nicholas Walan (younger). As an adult, not much changed with this brilliant young man. After graduating from Sequoia High School, he went on to attend California State University Sacramento, where he would eventually meet the love of his life. Not happy with how things were going in his life he decided to make a change. He would follow his life long passion of joining the military. In June of 2012, Wes would finally swear in to serve his country. As a soldier he would find joy in helping and leading others. His career would take him all over the world and allowed opportunities he would not have otherwise had. His passion for helping and leading others helped mold his new path in life to become a personal trainer. Throughout his journey through life and adulthood, he has always had a strong support system. Aside from the love and support from his family, the one person who was always there to provide support and care was Kayla. Now living in Georgia, Wes continues his adventures through life sharing his experiences with Kayla and hoping to make amazing memories and stories for the future.

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